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About Little Georgie

Little Georgie® is a fun loving little boy who enjoy life. He is a thinker, adventurous, creative and funny. He enjoys playing, singing, dancing and reading. He enjoys his close relationship with his dad and together they play many games and have many conversations. The author is excited by the response of the initial book "Sounds Animals Make." After several book readings to pre-k and kindergarten students, the author committed to making reading fun and excited for the young reader.

About The Author

George T. Daniels is a pastor, born in Brooklyn New York. He now resides in Raleigh, North Carolina with his wife Viola and son George III. This story "Sounds Animals Make" was written based on real conversations and games played with his son as they drive around town. It was never the intention of the author to make the book available for public sale. It is amazing how things change! The author sincerely hope his contribution will help children get off to a enjoyable start to reading. The Little Georgie series is designed to stimulate interest in learning through fun, the arts, sports and family.

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